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Program Administration

Director: Jeffrey McCarthy, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant & Graduate Advisor: Cory Pike, MLIS

Program Faculty

The following College of Humanities faculty have a primary interest in environmental scholarship. Note, however, that students in the Environmental Humanities Program will also take classes from faculty outside of the college.

Environmental Humanities Steering Committee

Mark Bergstrom, Ph.D. 1995 (University of Oklahoma), Communication
Brett Clark, Ph.D. 2006 (University of Oregon), Sociology
Benjamin Cohen, Ph.D. 2002. (University of Wisconsin-Madison), History
Julia Corbett, Ph.D. 1994 (University of Minnesota), Communication
Kevin DeLuca, Ph.D. 1996 (University of Iowa), Communication
Danielle Endres, Ph.D. 2005 (University of Washington), Communication
Gregory Smoak, Ph.D. 1999 (University of Utah), History
Jeffrey McCarthy, Ph.D. 1997 (University of Oregon), Environmental Humanities
Stephen Tatum, Ph.D. 1981 (University of Utah), English
Sara K. Yeo, Ph.D. 2014 (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Communication


Connie Bullis, Ph.D. 1984 (Purdue University)
Julia Corbett, Ph.D. 1994 (University of Minnesota)
Kevin DeLuca, Ph.D. 1996 (University of Iowa)
Craig Denton, M.A. 1977 (University of Utah)
Danielle Endres, Ph.D. 2005 (University of Washington)
Sara Yeo, Ph.D. 2014 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Diana Leong,Ph.D. 2016 (University of California - Irvine)Michael Mejia,MFA, Creative Writing, University of Alabama
Paisley Rekdal, M.F.A. 1996 (University of Michigan)
Stephen Tatum, Ph.D. 1981 (University of Utah)
Melanie Rae Thon
, M.A. 1982 (Boston University)


Matthew Basso, Ph.D. 2001 (University of Minnesota)
Benjamin Cohen, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Robert Goldberg, Ph.D. 1977 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Eric Hinderaker, Ph.D. 1991 (Harvard University)
Rebecca Horn, Ph.D. 1989 (University of California, Los Angeles)
Gregory Smoak, Ph.D. 1999 (University of Utah)



Edward Barbanell, Ph.D. 1999 (University of Utah)
Leslie Francis, Ph.D. 1974 (University of Michigan)

World Languages & Cultures

Maria Dobozy, Ph.D. 1979 (University of Kansas)
Katharina Gerstenberger, Ph.D. 1993 (Cornell University)

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