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Project Defense Timelines and Forms


EH Project Defense Timelines

  • Student must defend final project by the last day of classes which is one week before the Graduate School's deadline. Print and bring approval forms to your defense.
  • Student must submit revised project to chair and committee no later than the last day of finals.
  • Once revisions are complete, the Graduate Advisor must receive the Final Reading Approval form in order for the student to be approved for graduation.
  • Failure to meet these deadlines will result in a denial of graduation for that semester and will require the student to register for additional credits.

 Thinking Ahead:

  • Send out email to committee for potential defense date 3 weeks in advance.
  • Circulate project to committee two weeks prior to defense date.
  • Check CIS (Graduation > Graduate Students > Graduate Student Summary) to confirm that all information is correct. You are ultimately responsible for your own record and progress.
Last Updated: 10/4/17