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EH Student Carl Ingwell Selected to Attend Patagonia’s “Tools for Environmental Leadership” Conference

Tools for Environmental Leadership conferenceThis semester second-year student Carl Ingwell was selected to attend Patagonia’s “Tools for Environmental Leadership” conference. Carl reports “The conference was educational, inspirational, and most importantly, a lot of fun.”

He says of the conference: "The most important thing I learned while there, was the need for a solidified campaign strategy. Numerous presenters stressed the need for a well-written strategy, and showed us how to take the necessary steps to get there. Brian O’Donnell, from the Conservation Lands Fund, stressed the importance of putting your strategy on paper."

He goes on: “If it’s not written down, it’s not a plan,” and he went on to say that a well-developed strategy is the most important aspect of a successful campaign.

"Words are real estate. Choose them wisely,” said Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies, an organization that helps non-profits develop “targeted communication activities for maximum impact.”

The group spent an entire afternoon learning about effective communication, and how to implement it into the strategies we developed the previous day.

The EH program is committed to educating the next generation of environmental leaders. Opportunities like these broaden our students’ horizons while positioning them to lead.

Last Updated: 10/4/17