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Water in India’s Deccan: a Hydrosocial Perspective

Work in Progress Talk
Open to the Public | Seating is limited| Lunch provided

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
12:00 – 1:30PM
Humanities Building - Carolyn Tanner Irish (CTIHB)
The Jewel Box, Room 143

by BENJAMIN B. COHEN | Department of History

Water appears as liquid, ice, or steam, and can take shapes from raindrops to rivers, and from water bottles to reservoirs. In this work-in-progress presentation, I will speak from a current book project on water in India’s Deccan – a large region in south-central India. The presentation will focus on material drawn from two periods of Deccan history, the late medieval Kakatiya Empire, and the early modern Deccan Sultanates. I will explore Deccan history through a hydrosocial lens that sees the relationship between human and aquatic activity in the same analytic focus. This perspective, when deployed over a long-term view of India’s history, offers insights into the ways in which water and human activity have developed in the past, and continue to do so in the present.

Work-in-Progress Talks give Tanner Humanities Center fellows and University of Utah faculty an opportunity to present the latest work on their current research and receive feedback in a casual setting from students, faculty, staff, and community.


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