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Environmental Humanities Graduate Program
1995 De Trobriand Street, FD 618A
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

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Environmental Humanities Graduate Program
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Jeffrey McCarthy, Director
(801) 585-7052

Natasha Seegert, Graduate Advisor
(801) 587-6156


(801) 587-6162


Jeffrey McCarthy, Director

Natasha Seegert, Graduate Advisor

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Program Success

  • Natasha SeegertNew Graduate Advisor

    Natasha Seegert is thrilled to work with the passionate graduate students in the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program. She holds a PhD in Environmental Communication, an MS in Environmental Education, and a BS in Environmental Studies. Natasha has over 10 years of experience advising, counseling, and teaching students in the environmental field.

  • Western Landscapes2014 Reimagine Western Landscapes Symposium

    “A Place for Wildlife,” will take place Aug. 22 – 23, 2014, at the University of Utah’s Taft-Nicholson Center for Environmental Humanities Education in Centennial Valley, Montana.

  • Letter from the Director

    Welcome to the Environmental Humanities graduate program at the University of Utah -- a masters degree preparing students for careers as environmental leaders and thinkers.


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