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EH Student Brooke Larsen Attends COP-22

EH student, Brooke Larsen attended COP22—the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco in November. During the conference, parties discussed how to achieve the ambitious goals set in the landmark Paris Agreement. Interrupted by the U.S. presidential election, parties made little progress in creating substantive steps to prevent global warming above 2C.         

Brooke participated in COP22 with the SustainUS Delegation—a group of thirteen U.S. youth climate justice leaders. SustainUS recognized the limitations of the formal negotiation space and decided to instead focus on direct actions and storytelling to create a people-powered movement for climate justice. From disruptive song performances and tree plantings to prayerful circles and die-in actions, global youth brought heart and truth into the sterile UN space. By performing creative actions and telling stories of frontline struggles, young leaders forged resilient relationships and global solidarity to tackle climate injustices in their home communities. SustainUS found particularly significant shared stories from local Moroccan activists, who like the American Southwest, are faced with megadrought risks and policies that benefit private space over public. 

Brooke attended this conference thanks to an EH travel award, and generous travel funds from the Global Change & Sustainability Center.

Last Updated: 10/4/17