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Funding & Financial Aid

Graduate Student Teaching and Research Assistantships

The Environmental Humanities Graduate Program (EH) provides full funding via tuition waivers and graduate assistantships to admitted students - domestic and international - for four semesters. Stipend amounts depend on each year's budget; $20,000 is the 23/24 academic year stipend amount, and anticipated 24/25 amount. In addition to tuition waivers, students have access to medical, dental and vision insurance.

Our students' assistantships develop skills for work after graduation while introducing them to a network of environmental thinkers. Applicants do not need to appeal directly to faculty or campus partners for funding but may express their interest in their application and to the director of the program. The director of the program assigns assistantships after considering students' interests and Program needs.


Mellon Fellowships

Environmental Humanities is a recipient of a grant from the Mellon Foundation. The grant supports our focus on environmental justice, Indigenous knowledges, and community-engaged research and learning. The grant also funds two $25,000 graduate fellowships/year. If you have experience and interest in any of those three areas, in the College of Humanities section of the application to the Program, please prepare and upload a single-page statement that expresses your interests and plans for a community-engaged research project. The EH Admission Committee will designate the Mellon graduate fellows.

Expanding Horizons Funding

Environmental Humanities encourages applicants with unique experiences and backgrounds to apply for the Expanding Horizons Funding which is designed to support an individual who will bring a unique perspective to the environmental humanities community.  This benefit carries all the responsibilities of our standard assistantship, and includes a larger stipend -- $22,000 per year.  If you're interested in this opportunity, in the College of Humanities section of the application, please prepare and upload a single-page statement that explains how your unique background and/or life experiences will bring a fresh perspective to your colleagues and peers with whom you will study and work. The EH Admission Committe will evaluate all applicants in selecting the recipient(s) of the Expanding Horizons Funding. 

Summer Support

Students may apply for summer support for selected research and internships in order to explore their ideas in the context of real-world environmental challenges. Students apply for funding each spring, and if approved, rising second-year students can spend their summers focusing on making a difference with non-profits, government organizations and with research projects, locally or out of state.

 2023 cohort at Taft Nicholson Center cavorting on a river bank

Last Updated: 4/16/24