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Funding & Financial Aid

The Environmental Humanities Graduate Program provides a limited number of full and partial merit-based fellowships. Funded students also receive a tuition benefit that is proportional to their level of funding (50%-100%). Please refer to the Graduate School's Tuition Benefit Program for more information regarding funding amounts, and informaton about subsidized graduate student health insurance coverage.

If you would like to be considered for funding, mark the financial assistance box when submitting your application to the program.

Equity & Diversity Funding

EH encourages applicants from underrepresented backgrounds to apply for our Equity & Diversity Fellowship. This fellowship carries all the benefits and responsibilities of our standard fellowship, and carries a larger stipend -- $20,000 per year. Please indicate your interest in EH’s Equity & Diversity Fellowship on your application.

Meaningful Work

Our students take campus jobs as part of their fellowship support, and those jobs train them for work after graduation while introducing them to a network of environmental thinkers.

The many places students can work include …

 The University of Utah Press

 Sustainability Office

 The Department of Writing and Rhetoric

 The Utah Museum of Fine Arts

 The American West Center

 Special Collections, Marriott Library

 Environmental & Sustainability Studies

 Global Change & Sustainability Center

Natural History Museum of Utah

Summer Support

We offer summer support for selected research and internships so that our students can explore their dreams in the context of real-world environmental challenges. The funding is approved each spring so students can spend their summers focusing on making a difference with non-profits, government organizations and with research projects, locally and in other states.

It's a quiet revolution begun by ordinary people with the stuff of our daily lives.

- Bill McKibben

Last Updated: 10/4/17