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Community Engagement

Community Engaged Learning

The Environmental Humanities Program prioritizes community and justice in our curriculum. 

Specific Curriculum Updates Include:

  • Recasting the program’s one credit Leadership seminar towards environmental justice solutions.
  • Creating a three-credit seminar taught each spring (starting Spring '22) that focuses on environmental  justice issues and community-engaged research methodologies.
  • Hosting a workshop each semester on engagement, inclusion, and justice, taught by our Community Engagement Coordinator.

Student Projects

The Environmental Humanities Graduate Program attracts passionate students eager to bridge gaps between the classroom and larger community. Our students develop reciprocal projects with community partners to further environmental justice. 

Project Spotlights:

McKenna Granato practices Indigenous sovereignty and everyday acts of resurgence at the Loko Ea Fishpond in Hawai’i.

Taylor Litwin navigates ecological restoration with Little Cottonwood Canyon stakeholders.

Jenna Fischer tackles justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in national parks.

Riley Sayers organizes for prison abolition, food justice, and community care.

Maria Archibald mobilizes young people to develop climate justice and political education curricula.


Last Updated: 9/8/21