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Graduate Forms & Information

Welcome Current Master's Students!

All paperwork for your degree is right here. You'll find both EH department-related information, as well as info from The Graduate School.  It won't make much sense without context, so we suggest you talk to staff, talk to your cohort and read our Handbook first.

EH Forms & Information

EH Graduate Handbook -- (effective August, 2016; any updated information or policies are published on this web site)

Request for Supervisory Committee Form

Prospectus Outline & Prospectus Approval Form

Independent Study Proposal Form

EH Graduate Student Travel Application

EH Summer Engagement Grant

EH Intership Form

Support for year two/In good standing

Project Approval Form

Thesis Supervisory Committee & Final Reading Approval Form

Graduate School Forms & Information

Please follow Graduate School events.

Graduate Catalog

Graduation Overview for Masters Candidates

Graduate Language Requirements (World Languages & Cultures)

Graduate Student Travel Assistance  (cycle is fiscal year, Jul 1- Jun 30)

Subsidized Graduate Student Health Insurance

Thesis Office, including Handbook

Tuition Benefit Information

Apply for Graduate Degree (Registrar's Office)

Last Updated: 4/18/19