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Visiting Scholars

The Environmental Humanities Program brings a diverse array of environmental thinkers to our community. We also showcase current University faculty across a variety of humanities and scientific disciplines. Students connect with these scholars and we cultivate personal interaction and intellectual engagement with all of our visitors.

2024-24 visiting speakers and symposia

Zozan Pehlivan, environmental historian at University of Minnesota, co-sponsored with Middle East Center

Jack Vaillant, Fire Weather

Debra Magpie Earling with Wanda Pillow

2023-24 visiting speakers and symposia

Greg Sarris, recipient of the 5th Utah Award in the Environmental Humanities

Daniel Hernandez / Arcia Tecun, Fall 2023 Community Practitioner-in-Residence

Joshua Trey Barnett, in partnership with Dept of Communication

Darcie DeAngelo, 2023-4 Annie Clark Tanner Fellow in Environmental Humanities and Environmental Justice

Muskan Walia, Spring 2024 Community Practitioner in Residence

Native Research Symposium with Margaret Kovach and Shawn Wilson


2022-23 visiting speakers and symposia

Great Salt Lake Symposium

2022-23 Annie Clark Tanner Fellow in Environmental Humanities, Taylor Brorby

In partnership with WLC, Dr. Gabriele Duerbeck, University of Vechta, Germany

Madeline McGill, Fall 2022 Community Practitioner in Residence

Rachel Mason Dentinger, EH Research Professor 2021-22

Darren Parry, Spring 2023 Community Practitioner in Residence

In partnership with English, Timothy Morton, Spring 2023

Gretchen Henderson, 2017-9 Annie Clark Tanner Fellow in Environmental Humanities

Review visiting scholars and campus speakers from previous years, as well as the speakers and scholars hosted by Tanner Humanities Center.

Last Updated: 5/24/24