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Faculty we work with

Faculty Publications
Environmental Humanities Research Professorship

Mark Bergstrom
Ph.D., 1995

Dept of Communication

Taft-Nicholson Center, Director

Taylor Brorby

MALS, 2013

MFA, 2017

Annie Clark Tanner Research & Teaching Fellow in Environmental Humanities

Elizabeth Callaway
Ph.D., 2016
Dept of English

Environmental Humanities Program

Brett Clark
Ph.D., 2006

Dept of Sociology
ESS Program
Environmental Humanities Program
Benjamin Cohen
Ph.D., 2002

Dept of History
Danielle Endres
Ph.D., 2005

Dept of Communication

Katharina GerstenbergerPh.D., 1993 Dept of World Languages and Cultures, German

Chris Ingraham
Ph.D., 2015

Dept of Communication

Jeffrey McCarthy
Ph.D., 1997
Honors College
Environmental Humanities Program Director

Angela Robinson
Ph.D., 2019
Div of Gender Studies Environmental Humanities Program

Jeff Rose

Ph.D. 2012
Dept of Parks, Recreation & Tourism

Carlos Santana
Ph.D., 2016

Dept of Philosophy

Greg Smoak

Dept of History
American West Center, Director

Sara K. Yeo
Ph.D., 2014

Dept of Communication

Thomas Michael Swensen Ph.D., 2011
Div of Ethnic Studies

Additional University of Utah faculty with interests in environmental humanities scholarship

Scott Black, Ph.D. 1999 English Literature (The Johns Hopkins University)
Lindsey Drager, M.F.A. Fiction (University of Illinois)
Michael Mejia, M.F.A. Creative Writing (University of Alabama)
Lance Olsen, Ph.D. 1985 (University of Virginia); M.F.A. (Iowa Writers Workshop)
Paisley Rekdal, M.F.A. 1996, Creative Writing (University of Michigan)
Jeremy Rosen, Ph.D. (University of Chicago); Associate Director for Faculty, Tanner Humanities Center
Elizabeth "Lisa" Swanstrom Ph.D, 2008 (University of California, Santa Barbara); M.P.W, 1998, University of Southern California

Kevin Deluca, Ph.D. 1996 (University of Iowa)

Julia Ault, Ph.D. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Matthew Basso, Ph.D. 2001 (University of Minnesota)
Eric Herschthal, Ph.D. 2017 (Columbia University)
Eric Hinderaker, Ph.D. 1991 (Harvard University)

Erika George, J.D. 1996 (Harvard Law School) Professor of Law, and Director of Tanner Humanities Center
Danya Rumore, Ph.D. 2015 Environmental Policy & Planning (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Chrisoula Andeou, Ph.D. 2001 (University of Pittsburgh)

World Languages & Cultures
Alejandro Quin, Ph.D. 2011 (University of Michigan)



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