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Jeff McCarthy publishes op-ed in Salt Lake Tribune

undefinedJeff McCarthy, Director of Environmental Humanities, published an op-ed, Trump election is a call to action for environmentalism, in the November 12 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune. In the piece, Dr. McCarthy describes how the humanities – study of history, religion, ethics, literature - work in conjunction with scientific data and economics to create environmental action, understanding and change.  This is a time for environmental advocates to unite in opposition to a demoralizing new policy regime. 

“I affirm that the environmental struggle continues for reasons that make sense on either side of the political aisle. Through language we can find common ground, through art we can share beauty and through listening we can find compassion for the displaced and the overlooked in our new American order.”

The work we do as humanists and as environmentalists is more important now than ever. 

Dr. McCarthy's op-ed was also noted in Political Cornflakes, the Trib's political news round-up published after the election.

Last Updated: 10/4/17