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Francesca Varela, Recent EH Graduate, Hired at OLCV

Francesca Varela, recent EH graduate began work as a Digital Coordinator and communications specialist at the Oregon League for Conservation Voters, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to pass laws that protect Oregon’s environmental legacy and elect pro-environment candidates to office.

Francesca graduated from the Environmental Humanities Program in May, 2018. Her final work for the MA – a cli-fi novel Blue Mar - explores the inevitable losses to occur disproportionally to those who contribute to it least from climate change. She is an accomplished author and dedicated environmentalist. You can read about all of Francesca’s novels on her author page, and review her wellness and sustainable living website

Francesca joins other alumni in Oregon working for the environment including Shaun Daniel, MS ’15, the Park Host and Learnscape & Restoration Coordinator at Nearby Nature, an organization dedicated to fostering appreciation of nature nearby and providing tools for ecological livingin Eugene, OR.

Last Updated: 6/26/18