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Eight Spring 2016 EH defenses

Carissa Beckwith, Sarah Brey, Bryna Gallagher, Jennifer Lair, Hannah McLimans, Ruedigar Matthes, Jack Stauss and Claire Taylor successfully defended the culmination of their academic and creative work.

Spring 2016 defenses

Eight Environmental Humanities graduate students successfully defended their work during April and May. Topics included:

  • Environmental communication and related to wilderness and development in the Wasatch Mountains
  • (Human) Overpopulation perceptions in Salt Lake City, UT
  • Urban fantasy literature offers a space to encounter the more-than-human in alternative, environmentally positive worldviews
  • How oral histories inform the development of an environmental ethic in Grand Canyon commercial river runners
  • Place and identity in contemporary Mormon meetingspaces
  • Alaska exploration and experience digitized via a book app for the iPhone
  • Digital creative nonfiction and artwork considering Red Butte Creek wilderness
  • Photography and narrative related to death and grieiving (aka roadkill project)
Last Updated: 10/4/17