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Faculty Feature: Chris Ingraham

Faculty Feature: Chris Ingraham

Chris Ingraham is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and on the core faculty of the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program at the University of Utah. His work as an active teacher and researcher is in the areas of media aesthetics, environmental communication, and rhetorical theory. Generally, he tries to draw on the insights of these fields to think about the material, aesthetic, and affective practices that configure the environments we create and inhabit. Before becoming an academic, he worked for several years as a freelance writer. Though the arts remain central to his interests, his academic training across the humanities commits him to cross-disciplinary thinking with the belief that we should bring all available knowledge to the problems we're trying to understand.

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Meet Our Fall 22 Practitioner, Madeline McGill!

Practitioner-in-Residence Madeline McGill

Madeline McGill is a political scientist and narrative strategist living in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the unceded lands of the Eastern Shoshone and Goshute peoples. As an organizer and strategist, she has worked with organized labor, candidates for office, and advocacy organizations across the country on building campaigns that are committed to storytelling and transformational organizing strategy. Madeline moved to Utah in 2019 to help found the Rural Utah Project, bringing their fundraising and communications programs online. Since, she has worked as a freelance organizer and consultant, building, learning, and dreaming across the Mountain West.

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