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Meet Our Fall 22 Practitioner, Madeline McGill!

Practitioner-in-Residence Madeline McGill

Madeline McGill is a political scientist and narrative strategist living in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the unceded lands of the Eastern Shoshone and Goshute peoples. As an organizer and strategist, she has worked with organized labor, candidates for office, and advocacy organizations across the country on building campaigns that are committed to storytelling and transformational organizing strategy. Madeline moved to Utah in 2019 to help found the Rural Utah Project, bringing their fundraising and communications programs online. Since, she has worked as a freelance organizer and consultant, building, learning, and dreaming across the Mountain West.

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Community Engagement Spotlight: Natalie Slater

Community Engagement Spotlight: Natalie Slater

Natalie Slater is a second year student and Mellon Community Engagement Fellow. In partnership with the nonprofit Art Access, Natalie created and is facilitating an artist collaborative called Embodied Ecologies that looks at environmental health issues in Salt Lake from the lenses of environmental justice and disability justice.

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Faculty Feature: Carlos Gray Santana

Carlos Gray Santana

Carlos Gray Santana is a philosopher of science and an EH affiliated faculty member. Carlos is a consulting conceptual engineer, meaning he helps scientists address conceptual issues in their fields. His research addresses key issues in the sciences, such as the Anthropocene, novel ecosystems, and science and democracy.

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