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Native Research Methods Symposium

Join the 1U4U Native Research Methods: Creating Cross-Campus Pathways for Ethical Research with Native Communities Group for an all-day symposium on April 19th featuring Dr. Margaret Kovach, author of Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts, and Dr. Shawn Wilson, author of Research is Ceremony. Drs. Kovach and Wilson will lead keynotes on engaging in Native research, providing insights into Indigenous research methodologies and best practices.

Native Research Methodologies

This event will highlight the significance of conducting Native research using Indigenous methods, emphasizing three key topics:

  • Amplifying Sovereignty: This panel will explore Native research using Indigenous methods to empower Indigenous communities through acknowledgement and respect of their sovereignty. This panel will recognize Indigenous peoples’ rights to self-determination and control over their own research processes, data, and knowledge.
  • Engagement, Collaboration, and Relationships: This panel will examine the importance of prioritizing meaningful engagement, collaboration, and relationship building with tribal communities by establishing trust, reciprocity, and mutual respect between researchers and community members. These relationships are foundational for conducting culturally sensitive and relevant research that addresses the needs and priorities of Indigenous peoples.

Ethics & IRB: This panel will examine the ethical considerations in Native research that extend beyond conventional research ethics and incorporate Indigenous ethical frameworks. Learning to engage with IRBs and ethical review processes that are

  • sensitive to Indigenous perspectives is crucial to ensuring research integrity and respecting Indigenous rights.This discussion will highlight the ethical complexities researchers must face in Native research, such as issues of cultural sensitivity, community consent, and protection of Indigenous knowledge. 

Dr. Kovach and Dr. Shawn Wilson serve as exemplary models for engaging in ethical Native research, drawing upon their respective Indigenous ancestries and scholarly expertise. Dr. Kovach (Nêhiyaw and Saulteaux ancestry) is a professor in the Department of Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus. Her work focuses on Indigenous research methodologies, higher education approaches to Indigenous education, and social justice education. Dr. Shawn Wilson (Opaskwayak Cree Nation) is an associate professor of Indigenous Studies and coordinates the Indigenous Knowledges Theme at the University of British Columbia. Both professors exemplify the importance of conducting ethical Native research by centering Indigenous voices, perspectives, and protocols in their scholarly endeavors. Their work not only contributes to advancing Indigenous knowledge and scholarship but also fosters meaningful partnerships and collaborations with Indigenous communities.

The event will showcase examples of students, faculty, and community members who have conducted research in ethical and culturally appropriate ways, demonstrating the benefits of adopting Indigenous research methods for both researchers and Indigenous communities. Doing so will demonstrate that using Indigenous research methods not only uphold ethical standards but also foster meaningful relationships, empower Indigenous voices, and generate knowledge that is relevant and beneficial to Indigenous communities. Moreover, it will emphasize the transformative potential of embracing Indigenous ways of knowing for both researchers and the communities they serve. 

Register for this free event; breakfast, lunch, and parking provided. Gould Auditorium, Marriott Library

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Last Updated: 4/16/24